What is InfoBox?

InfoBox creates digital walkthroughs on your DNN portal improving the user experience and providing personalized guidance.

Besides, you will benefit from our excellent support and quick response for implementing your feature requests.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced User Experience

Simplify the information overload and improve the user experience by providing users with a personal online concierge that guides them through your portal

  • Increased Sales and Conversions

By delivering personalized user assistance, through offers and help, InfoBox improves the shopping experience whilst increasing conversions and decreasing cart abandonment

  • Reduced Customer Support Costs

InfoBox delivers intuitive self-service across your DNN portal by means of guided walkthroughs to reduce the amount of customer service inquiries

For other unique and technical features, click here.


  • DNN 5.5+
  • SQL Server 2005+ 
  • ASP.NET 4.0+
  • IIS 6.0+


Our support staff is friendly and always available to help you. Engage us on our community platform.

You can download latest version of InfoBox from www.dnnsharp.com

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